Lung Acoustics Laboratory

Lung Acoustics Laboratory (LAL) is a place where researchers from different disciplines come and work together. Main areas of research conducted in LAL involve both hardware development for lung sound acquisition and diagnosis instrumentation and algorithm development for further processing of acquired lung sounds with the final aim of building an “intelligent stethoscope”. Some of the current topics in LAL are online processing and classification of respiratory sounds using digital signal processors, multi-resolution analysis of respiratory sounds, system development for multi-channel acquisition of respiratory sounds and modeling air flow-lung sound relationship.

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Research Fields

Instrumentation for respiratory data acquisition
Multi-channel data acquisition and processing system
Single-channel hand-held acquisition and processing device

Detection - Estimation - Classification of abnormalities
Detection and estimation of adventitious sound components
Assessment of healthy and pathological sound characteristics

Respiratory system modeling
Multi-channel system identification

Respiratory sounds modeling Flow-cycle estimation
Adventitious sounds parameterization

Acoustic mapping of the respiratory system
Mapping the sound transmission
Mapping the adventitious components



Affiliated Faculty

Student (degrees pursued)

Past graduates

  • İpek Şen (2013)
  • Ömer Faruk Özdemir, MS (2010)
  • Önder Sünnetçi, MS (2009)
  • Sergül Aydöre, MS (2009)
  • Mete Yeğiner, PhD (2008)
  • R. Koray Çiftçi, PhD (2008)
  • Cemile Aslı Yılmaz, MS (2006)
  • Uğur Çini, MS (2003)
  • Sameer Alsmadi, MS (2003)
  • Bora Bilgiç, MS (2003)
  • Serkan Yerer, MS (2002)
  • Nalan Tekinalp, MS (2002)
  • Kazım Serhat Baydar, MS (2002)
  • Emin Çağatay Güler, PhD (1998)
  • Tanju Engin, MS (1991)