VAVlab (Volumetric Analysis and Visualization Group) is a multidisciplinary group conducting research primarily on analysis and visualization of multidimensional 3D data, ranging from scalar fields to tensor fields and video. Application fields range from multimedia to medicine, including medical decision support systems, virtual/augmented reality for medicine, video enhancement, etc. VAVlab runs projects in collaboration with academic partners both from Turkey and abroad.

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Research Fields

Machine Learning: Computer Aided Diagnosis, Classification, Similarity Assessment
CAD for colonic polyps in CTC, Similar (Liver) Case Query and Retrieval, CBIR, Ontology Development and Semantic Similarity, Query Processing, Relevance Learning

Multi-Dimensional Image Processing: Enhancement, Regularization, Segmentation, Registration
Supine-Prone CTC Colon Registration, 3D Liver/Vessel/Lesion Segmentation

Medical Ultrasound Simulator

Diffusion Tensor MRI Analysis and Visualization (DTI)
DTI Regularization, Tractography, Connectivity Analysis, Visualization and HCIs, Biomechanical Analysis

Video Processing, Human-Computer Interaction
3D Visualization, Interaction with 3D data, Haptic Interfaces, Stereo (3D) Video Processing

ECG Processing and Analysis



Students (degrees pursued)

  • Nadin Kokciyan (PhD, CmpE)
  • Neda Barzegar Marvasti (PhD, EE)
  • Abdulkadir Yazıcı (PhD, CmpE)
  • Goktekin Durusoy (PhD, EE)
  • Pınar Akyazı (MS, EE)
  • Aysun Çoban (MS, EE)
  • Akbarjan Keram (MS, EE)


  • Omer Can Gürol (MS'13)
  • Serkan Çimen (MS'12)
  • A. Burak Yoldemir (MS'11)
  • Sıla Girgin (MS'08)
  • Enver Yagci (MS'07)
  • Ugur Bozkaya (MS'06)
  • Ender Konukoglu(MS'05)
  • Erhan Durusut (MS'05)
  • Erdem Yörük (MS'05)