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Bülent Sankur

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E-mail: bulent.sankur at boun.edu.tr
Postal Mail: Bogazici University, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dept., Bebek, 34342, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 359 64 14
Fax:      +90 212 287 24 65

  • EURASIP Society Meritorious Service Award, 2013
  • Member of Academy of Sciences, 2011
  • Lifelong Service Award of TÜBİSAD and Türk Bilişim Derneği, 2010
  • Elginkan Foundation Award for Service to Culture, February 2009
  • Turkish Association of Computer Machinery Special Award for Achievement, March 2006
  • Bogazici University Rector’s Award of Achievement in Research, July 2005
  • Mustafa Parlar Foundation award for Science, December 2002
Human-Computer Interfaces and Biometry

• A. Savran, B. Sankur,  Non-rigid Registration Based Model-free 3D Facial Expression Recognition, Computer Vision and Image Understanding 162 (2017) 146–165  

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• Christian Wolf, Eric Lombardi, Julien Mille, Oya Celiktutan, Mingyuan Jiu, Moez Baccouche, Emmanuel Dellandré, Charles-Edmond Bichot, Christophe Garcia, B. Sankur, Evaluation of video activity localizations integrating quality and quantity measurements, Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 127 (2014) 14–30

• Oya Çeliktutan, Sezer Ulukaya and B. Sankur, A Comparative Study of Face Landmarking Techniques, EURASIP J. on Image and Vision Processing, March 2013, doi:10.1186/1687-5281-2013-13

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• A. Savran, Nese Alyuz, Hamdi Dibeklioglu, Oya Celiktutan, Berk Gokberk, Bulent Sankur, L. Akarun, Bosphorus Database for 3D Face Analysis, BIOID: European Workshop on Biometrics and Identity Management, Roskilde, Denmark, 2008.

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Image and Video Processing

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Security: Watermarking, Data Hiding, Anomaly Detection

• M. Yamac, B. Sankur, M. Gabbouj, Robust Data Hiding Scheme for Compressively Sensed Signals, EUSIPCO’2018, 26 th European Signal Processing Conference, Rome, 2018.

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Biomedical Signal Processing

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Digital Signal Processing

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Communications and Networks

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Visiting Positions
  • ECOLE NATIONALE SUPERIEURE des TELECOMMUNICATIONS, Paris, France: (1999-2000) Visiting Professor, Department of Signal and Image Processing.
  • DELFT UNIVERSITY of TECHNOLOGY, The Netherlands: (1990-1992) Visiting Professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Information Theory Group.
  • ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (1987-1989): Professor,  Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Department of Telecommunications.
  • UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA, Canada: (1982-1983)  Visiting Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering Department.